Self-evaluation Report

1) I would say that my expectations for how much I would learn this semester were pretty accurate. Since I didn’t take a language during my freshman year, my Spanish skills were pretty rusty coming into this class, which I fully anticipated. This semester helped me learn everything that I forgot from high school and more.

2) For the most part I would say that I prepared pretty affectively. However, If I could go back in time, I would make sure to complete the connect assignments in accordance with the suggested schedule for I have realized that saving the exercised until the end of the unit isn’t helpful in preparing for the exam. Also, I think that in some cases, it would have been beneficial for me to attend office hours and receive one-on-one assistance with the difficult concepts.

3) I found the exams to be relatively fair, however I frequently ran out of time so I think that they might have been slightly too long for the time period that we were given to finish them.

4) I found the compositions to be very useful and I enjoyed the opportunity to express our creativity. Also, I thought the corrections we got on our first drafts were really helpful because they helped us see where we made mistakes and then we could take what we learned and improve in the second revision.

5) I was not a big fan of the connect assignments because I felt like I was always trying to rush through them, so I was never able to remember and apply what I learned from the assignments.

6) I think that this semester has really helped me improve in my attention to detail. When I took Spanish in High School, my teacher graded much more leniently and didn’t mark us down for small mistakes, so I never felt pressure to make sure that the small details were correct. This semester has been much different however, and I have started to catch some of my mistakes that I previously would never have noticed. I think I could have improved my ability to speak Spanish in a fluid manner more if I would have moved away from my comfort zone by participating more frequently.


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